The Eager Eagle


The Eager Eagle, the air cadet sponsored newspaper on campus during the stay of the 32nd Training Detachment, was published in the basement of Old West and every week by Saturday morning. Article titles included:

  • Squadrons Atten-shun!: talked about the men and their lives including marriages, births, dates, etc…
  • The Wind Sock, G.I. Shorts: dealt with concerns and problems that emerged in campus and with the Air Cadets
  • Historic Carlisle: series in each mimeograph edition that talks about the history of Carlisle and Dickinson College
  • Of Couse You Know This Means…WAR!: talked about the happenings abroad and in the War.  
  • G.I. Shorts: joke corner
  • Cross Country Sports: talked about the sport programs of other College Training Detachments through out the country

Each article was designed for entertainment of the Air Cadets during their stay on campus. This newspaper was originally published in mimeograph form and then was published into a full newspaper. This piece of memorabilia let us see what was interesting to the Air Cadets while they were on campus.