I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the many amazing people who have made this exhibit possible. Many thanks to Professor Pawley, who guided this project from concept to finished product and put an incredible amount of trust in my work; I am beyond grateful for your support this semester. I also wish to thank Malinda Triller-Doran, Don Sailer, and Jim Gerencser for their invaluable help with Archives research, as well as Professor Osborne for collecting much of the material upon which this exhibit is based. To read the full student essays and interviews quoted in this exhibit, as well as to view the original documents that have been scanned as digital images, the collection of documents, images, audio recordings and videos from Professor Osborne's research may be found in the Dickinson College Archives. Many thanks to Ryan Burke; without his help, this website would be a mess. And finally, I wish to thank Pierce Bounds (pictured in May 1970, second from the left), whose beautiful photographs brought these events to life. The opportunity to work on this exhibit has been unbelievably rewarding, and I’m incredibly grateful to the individuals who helped make this idea a reality. 


Sarah Goldberg '18

Exhibit Author