About the Timeline

This timeline is a project in continual progress: as students, faculty, and alumni add more pieces, it will become richer. At the moment it can be viewed in three ways.  The "General Timeline" tab displays all timeline entries. The "Dickinson in the World" tab shows those moments when Dickinsonians shaped or participated in major events or when the college was rocked by larger forces.  The "Student Life" tab gives scattered glimpses into the changing day-to-day experience of students. The "Life of the Institution" tab focuses on turning points in the history of the college as an institution.

The first version of the timeline was built by Garrett Intern Cassidy Leighton '14, with help from Ashieda McKoy '14, and Alex Egner '13. We are deeply indebted to the work of Professor John Osborne and his students for their many years of research on the history of the college. Further information, earlier College timelines, and resources for research can be found on the College Archives site

Suggestions and comments are very welcome, and should be sent to Prof. Emily Pawley: pawleye@dickinson.edu