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This website is an applied experiment in digital scholarship. My research project named: "Distorted Globalization: the Irrationality of Europe's Border Control", has been adapted into this website.For decades, immigration has been a hot topic throughout the world. Ironically, as globalization and interconnection between countries are increased by global commerce, the borders between them become ever more present. Such phenomenon is especially prominent in the borders between the Developed world and the Third World, between the North and the South.This problem prompted me to think about the relationship between the heavily extolled liberal democracy of the Western world, the concept of globalization, and the realities of global capitalism. For a point of focus, I chose to examine immigration from North Africa to Europe. As you navigate through the website, you will find analysis on different aspects of European borders including the economic borders created by immigrant selection, the cultural borders which are the ground force for the securitization of immigration, and the distortion of globalization as manifested in the materialized borders. The article was also my independent project for a unique educational program in Dickinson College, PA: the Mediterranean Mosaic. The Mosaic is a semester-long, interdisciplinary research project that aims at incorporating classroom experiences with real-world field trips. In our case, we spent six weeks in the Mediterranean region doing fieldwork with immigrants and NGOs, incorporating classroom learning with real world experiences. The class materials and the fieldwork experiences from the Mosaic were the ground and inspiration for my project. Learn more about the Mediterranean Mosaic: